Based on Gurukul vision, the plan for the 105 Ropani site provides a physical framework to guide the development of the 75 Ropani of lands available in the Mahakal for the establishment of several community infrastructures and facilities including the Marxist Gurukul as the learning and sharing centre. Planning criteria and development guidelines encompass organization of academic programs, parking facility, utilities, building sites, open space and landscape design.

Given the limited confined boundaries of the Gurukul area, the area is divided into several zones as per the requirement of the community and objective of developing a holistic learning centre especially through dialectic method including necessary resource materials.

Major Zones

The proposed Gurukul Area is sub divided mainly in three zones as per their functional requirement in broader perspective and each zones are further sub divided into several zones according to the specific function requirement of the area. The detail of the Zones and Sub-Zones are presented below.

Zone I             :           School Zone

Sub-Zone I      :           School Area (Main Building Complex)

Sub-Zone II    :           School Area (Open Space and Sports Ground)

Zone II                        :           Community Activity Zone

Sub-Zone III   :           Recreational and Monumental Zone

Sub-Zone IV   :           Green Open Space and Multipurpose Ground for Sports Activity

Sub-Zone V    :           Community Multipurpose Hall

Sub-Zone VI   :           Vehicle Parking Area

Zone III                      :           Core Gurukul Zone

Sub-Zone VII :           Residential Housing Zone for participants

Sub-Zone VIII            :           Auditorium Zone

Sub-Zone IX   :           Silent Zone (Library and Meditation)


The brief introduction of various components that are proposed for the development of Marxist Gurukul Concept Plan is presented in the following table

Table 1: Brief introduction of each component proposed in Marxist Gurukul Concept Plan

S.N. Component of Master Plan Functional Requirement Remarks
1 School Area (Main Complex) Will reside 1000 student including different space requirement of students and faculty member for smooth running of the school activities.
2 School Area (Ground and Open Space) The ground and open space allocated will be helpful for conducting the different curricular activities in School.
3 Recreational and Monumental Zone This zone will be used for the construction of monuments of Martyr who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the country especially during political revolution in different time period. This zone will recreate people with disseminating information through created monuments in the area and some part of the area will be used for observing space for sports activity taking place in Multipurpose ground adjacent to it.
4 Open Space Multipurpose ground for sports activity This zone is especially designed for different community and social activities mainly focusing for the sports activity. Adjacent to this space the recreational and Monumental Zone is located in eastern hill side and in north western part the Multipurpose Community Hall is proposed. These components will complement each other and make a complete community space for various socializing activity.
5 Community Multipurpose Hall This community Hall is proposed for the capacity of 500 people for the different socializing and community activity.
6 Vehicle Parking Area The vehicle parking area is provided at Northern part of the proposed community activity zone. The capacity of the area is to reside 50 numbers of small cars and 100 numbers of motor bike.
7 Residential Housing Zone The residential house zone includes the Housing unit for the participants of Gurukul including the canteen with open space. The capacity of housing unit is for residing 150 numbers of people.
8 Auditorium Zone Auditorium is proposed with the capacity of 500 people. The auditorium is mainly focused for the dialectic method of learning and the auditorium is also proposed to be used as multipurpose training hall.
9 Silent Zone (Library and Meditation) Silent zones include the activities that need silent environment. The library and meditation activities are proposed in this zone. The capacity of library is proposed for the 300 user and the capacity of meditation hall is proposed for 500 people. The library includes all the infrastructure needed for the operation of virtual library through using internet. One room is proposed with the capacity of 50 people for using computer with internet facility.

The land allocated for each Zones and Sub-Zones as described above is presented in the following table. The table also shows the approximate area to be covered by the proposed infrastructure in each zone as shown in the attached map.


Table 2: Sub divisions of Area for Different Proposed Zones and Sub-Zones

S.N. Zones/Sub-Zones Description of Zones Land Allocated Proposed Builtup Area Remarks
Area (sq. m.) Area (Ropani) Area (sq. m.) Area (Ropani)
A Zone I: School Area          
1 Sub-Zone I School Area (Main Complex) 5069.69 9.97 462.58 0.91
2 Sub-Zone II School Area (Ground and Open Space) 15111.94 29.69
    Sub-Total 20181.63 39.66 462.58 0.91  
B Zone II: Community Activity Zone
3 Sub-Zone III Recreational and Monumental Zone 4630.19 9.10
4 Sub-Zone IV Open Space Multipurpose ground for sports activity 6781.93 13.33
5 Sub-Zone V Community Multipurpose Hall 2137.95 4.21 1051.09 2.07
6 Sub-Zone VI Vehicle Parking Area 1216.14 2.39
    Sub-Total 14766.21 29.03 1051.09 2.07  
C Zone III: Core Gurukul Zone
7 Sub-Zone VII Residential Housing Zone 5379.63 10.57 741.06 1.46
8 Sub-Zone VIII Auditorium Zone 5454.01 10.72 1225 2.41
9 Sub-Zone IX Silent Zone (Library and Meditation) 7717.06 15.17 2433.94 4.79
    Sub-Total 18550.70 36.46 4400.00 8.66  
Total 53498.54 105.15 5913.67 11.64  


The Maps and proposal is presented in the Annex .

Annex 1: Maps

Map 1: Zoning and Sub-Zoning

Map 1: Concept Plan

Annex 2: Submitted Proposal

MAP-1 Marxist Gurukul 15th September Final-Model

MAP-2 Marxist Gurukul 15th September Final-Model